About me :

Given name: Farid
Sur name: Loghmani
Born: 27 Feb 1988
Birthplace: Iran,Esfahan
Email: loghmanifarid@gmail.com
Skype: farid.loghmani
researchgate:farid loghmani

Educations :

MSC in Environmental Science,
Majoring in Environmental Pollutions .,
Natural Resources Engineering Department,
Esfahan University of Technology, Esfahan, Iran,
Thesis: Use Of Lime Waste For Removal Of Sulfur Dioxide.
BSC in Environmental Science.
Natural Resources Engineering Department,
Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan, Iran.
Thesis:CO2 capture directly from ambient air by artificial tree,
National Diploma in Experimental sciences School of Doctor Mohammad Shafiee(Institute of Ghalamchi), Isfahan, Iran.

Research Interests :

Climate change,
Environmental pollutions(Air pollution Control)
Energy Recovery,
Renewable Energy Resources,
Solid Waste Management